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SZA Client Examples

Examples of How SZA Has Worked with Clients to Add Value

Pharmavite LLC
High-quality manufacturer of Nature Made® vitamins and minerals, SAM-e, Nature’s Resource® herbal products and other supplements designed to promote health

With the senior leadership team, developed a reward strategy that focuses on business results and helped move the business forward.

With a cross-functional design team of managers and supervisors, developed a performance-management program for all employees, including cascading goals, competencies, and development. Designed a base pay increase methodology for all employees, focusing on an individual’s value added to the organization. Implemented a process for performance management focused on accountability. Enhanced communications of the company-wide incentive plan.

With a different cross-functional design team of managers, developed a base pay structure of bands that communicates the competencies required for each band and provides competitive base pay levels (market references).

With a diagonal-slice design team of employees and managers, developed a recognition and celebration program that reinforces contributions to the business and Company values and provides a variety of ways to be recognized by both leaders and fellow employees.

With a team of senior human resources and organizational effectiveness leaders, developed a human resources and organizational effectiveness strategy that closely aligns with business direction and reflects leader/employee needs, compares future state and current state, and outlines short- and long-term plans and evaluation measures.

Leadership views performance management program as an integral part of the Pharmavite’s business processes by serving as a key communications vehicle and a way that the Company has enhanced business results. Employees report satisfaction because they understand the organization’s goals and how they contribute to the organization, get regular performance feedback, and participate in the process.

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (Arizona Public Service)
Fortune 600 electric utility in southwestern U.S.

Developed officer total pay program including base pay and short- and long-term incentives including the use of equity devices.

Developed performance share and performance-accelerated stock option plans consistent with focus on long-term growth and performance.

Designed a stock ownership incentive for enhanced alignment with shareholders.

Designed a market-based base pay program to deliver competitive total cash compensation opportunities.

With the board and executives, developed measures and goals to align officer team with shareholder performance objectives.

Communicated effectively with board and executive management.

For 5 years, have provided continuing updates of program including plan design and competitive analysis.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona
Award-winning Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan

For 20 years, have helped BCBSAZ evolve compensation programs for executives, managers, and employees as business needs and directions have changed.

Developed one of the first employee incentive plans that is still effectively focusing employees on quality and business goals.

Developed a program for telephone customer service representatives that reduced turnover and helped keep skilled talent working on the phones—career ladders, team incentive, and recognition.

TriWest Healthcare Alliance
One of the 10 largest U. S. Department of Defense contractors; provides access to cost-effective, high-quality health care to active and retired uniformed service members and their families since 1996.

With senior leadership and the board of directors, developed and continue to update an integrated reward strategy that has evolved as TriWest experienced significant expansion (hypergrowth) with its latest DoD contract.

Worked with leadership and the board since TriWest’s inception in developing and evolving variable compensation plans—company-wide plans, project incentives, and incentives for particular employee groups—that communicate and focus people on beneficiary service and satisfaction, meeting the DoD requirements for service, and key business results.

With the board since the Company’s inception, have developed and refined reasonable executive compensation programs aligned with business goals, DoD requirements, and beneficiary service for the shorter and longer term.

With a diagonal-slice design team of employees and managers, developed a recognition program grounded in beneficiary service because of TriWest’s strong belief in its mission of superior customer service to those who are or have been in harm’s way.

Andersen Corporation (Andersen Windows)
Major manufacturer of wood windows and doors

With a senior leadership team, developed a strategy for terminating and replacing the piece-rate incentive plan that had an over 50-year history in a very large manufacturing facility because it was no longer consistent with the move to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

With a design team that comprised of managers at the start and evolved to a combination of managers and associates, developed a base pay and lump-sum payment program that focuses on behaviors consistent with lean manufacturing to drive improvement in quality and safety.

The Permanente Medical Group
A large medical group operating at multiple hospital medical centers and outpatient facilities

With the board of directors, developed a performance-based total cash compensation strategy for all types of physicians to focus on key success factors necessary for long-term organizational viability.

With the board, developed market-competitive base salary based on sustained performance over time, variable pay based on individual and team performance on key metrics (patient satisfaction, quality, productivity/efficiency, and service to the physician community), and an implementation strategy over a few years to change the compensation opportunities of different groups of physicians. 

Conducted three sets of focus groups with physicians at multiple sites to communicate (1) the new compensation strategy and the business case for changing compensation for input from the physicians, (2) a preliminary draft of the compensation design for input from the physicians, and (3) the final compensation program.

Solectron California
Fortune 500 high-tech manufacturing company and 2-time Malcolm Baldrige winner

Developed and implemented a team-based variable pay system for teams.

Team pay focused on customer goals and improvements in quality and productivity.

Design process involved the leadership team and input from team members.

Already strong performance improved to significantly higher performance levels during the four years following team pay implementation.

Monsanto Company: Protiva
Business unit of Fortune 500 agricultural biotechnology company

Designed and implemented a competency pay system to change people's focus to one of growth, development, and performance.

In less than five months, a high-involvement team developed a practical competency model, a developmental feedback system including multisource feedback, and a base pay system linked to competency growth and added value.

Pay system provided the foundation and role model for competency pay in this and other global companies.

UCLA Medical Center
Leading teaching and research tertiary care healthcare organization

Developed a team-based variable pay plan for union and nonunion workers.

Team-pay system improved the ability of the teams to set and achieve key goals aligned with key organizational objectives.

During the four years after plan implementation, the organization reports improved team performance, better quality goal setting, and a greater understanding of the overall goals and objectives of the organization.

Giant Eagle, Inc.
Major eastern U.S. grocery chain employing over 30,000 employees

Developed incentive plan for unionized store employees to gain commitment to customer satisfaction, sales, and cost.

Designed measures and goals that can be applied at the individual store level and that justify cost/benefit of paying incentives for performance.

Integrated incentive plan into Company customer satisfaction initiative to ensure alignment of workforce with key measures and goals.

Developed negotiation strategy with union for acceptance and implementation.

Aligned unionized and nonunion workforce throughout all stores.

Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County
Major hydro electric public power district in Washington state providing among lowest rates in U.S.

Developed total pay solution focused on key customer measures.

Implemented base pay and incentives around 14 key customer goals.

Implemented a cascading performance management system that is customer-focused at the individual employee level.

Replaced internally-oriented compensation system with four broad bands based on the labor market, competencies, and accountability level.

Developed recognition and celebration program.

Made total pay program transparent to employees, public, and commissioners.

Designed communications and education program to manage transition to paying for performance.


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