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In today's challenging business environment, the ability to use pay strategically is more important than ever. The most urgent talent management priority is to engage a high-performance workforce and make pay and rewards a powerful link to business success. 

Schuster-Zingheim and Associates, Inc. (SZA) has been in this business for more than 25 years and has a proven track record of excellence. We provide advice and assistance on what is required to create a high-performance workplace, combat the negatives of entitlement, and engage the best people and tie their efforts to your business proposition. SZA furnishes your company with an understanding of how pay and other rewards can most effectively communicate your business goals and strategies to your workforce. We are committed to creating fuller knowledge of how best to design practical, straightforward, and effective reward systems. We help companies realize the maximum value from their workforce pay and total rewards.

Total Rewards Strategies. The “rules” of workforce engagement have changed. It is essential to focus on total rewards and build a customized solution for your organization. Companies face increasingly rapid change and global competition for business. We help you develop a total rewards strategy that is aligned with your business and talent strategies, moves your business forward, and includes a clear communication of the business case for changing rewards.

Variable Pay (Incentives). Team, Business Unit, Company-Wide, and Individual. The business case for variable pay is in—organizations with variable pay for non-management employees outperform those without variable pay. And variable pay has been proven to return the best ROI of any human resource program. Variable pay communicates key goals and rewards the results of individuals, teams, and/or groups. We can help you select and design variable pay measures and performance levels based on business and financial strategy, determine funding and distribution methodologies, and develop plans that focus people on accelerating the achievement of business and financial goals.

Base Pay (Competency-, Skill-, and Job-Based and Salary Management).
Organizations need to have the option of paying for jobs or for skills and competencies to engage the high performers required now and in the future. We are versed in all solutions and can work with you to match your workforce and business needs with a base pay solution that is contemporary and easy to understand and implement. The base pay your workforce receives represents a major cost of doing business and must generate value-added to the business. We can help you develop base pay solutions that reward contribution and value-added to the business, reinforce growth in the workforce's skills and competencies that your business requires, and reflect the labor market.

Program Evaluation. Periodically pay, other reward and performance management programs must be evaluated to ensure they are effective and aligned with the organization’s business direction and goals. We evaluate programs in terms of business outcomes, meeting objectives, strengths and areas for improvement. We also provide recommendations about changes for the shorter term and longer term, the reasoning behind our recommendations and actionable steps to take for program improvement.

Executive Compensation. We have never been challenged about our executive compensation work and recommendations concerning reasonableness and good governance and give straight opinions. Rewarding leaders who champion excellence is vital to any company's success. Leaders provide the overall direction and substance to linking the company's total pay to company objectives. We can help you develop effective leadership rewards that support your company's long- and short-term strategies and goals.

Performance Management.
Engaging a talented workforce requires a performance management solution that communicates goals and priorities and links them to careers, succession planning and development. Successful companies link people development and growth to combined measures of individual, team, business unit, and company performance. Performance management is often the primary vehicle for communicating skill and competency requirements effectively. We can help you design performance management solutions that engage people and managers in the performance management process and align everyone with business directions.

Sales Compensation. It all starts when someone sells something. What are your sales professionals paid to do? Are they engaged in your company and customers? Sales rewards can accelerate business and sales success and attract and retain the best sales professionals possible. The best-performing sales compensation plans are not based on revenue alone; they go further by stimulating a company's ability to obtain, satisfy, and retain customers, as well as improve profit and market share. We can help you identify the role the selling process plays in the overall business strategy and design base pay and incentive solutions that support growing your business.

Recognition and Celebration. Recognition and celebration are much more than gift cards, trinkets, and lunches with the boss. Rather, recognition for accomplishments, contributions, and application of key skill and competence is a powerful element of total rewards. And celebration of significant successes provides momentum for continuous success. We can help you develop recognition and celebration programs that management uses and the workforce finds meaningful.

Custom Surveys. Published surveys often do not provide the current or complete information a company needs to determine competitive pay in "hot talent" markets. Our custom surveys go further. We are uniquely skilled in designing information-gathering strategies that obtain not only pay information but also the relationships between pay and measures of performance and company success. We also survey practices and the reasons, outcomes and lessons learned from these practices. Experience has helped us obtain participation and information in customarily hard-to-survey areas including unusual or nonstandard job, skill, or competency definitions.

Workforce Involvement. Engagement and involvement are perhaps two sides of the same coin. An involved workforce is an engaged workforce providing input and ideas and helping to deliver powerful business solutions. Involvement is increasingly required to gain acceptance and create champions for reward and performance management solutions. The extent to which involvement matches the culture and goals of your company will determine its role in our work with you.

Two-Way Communications. People become engaged when the organization listens, responds, and communicates and accurately. Effective communications are essential to the success of any pay and performance-management design process. Communications is an essential ingredient to all our assignments and ensures people understand how they help their company succeed. We can help you develop communications strategies, produce materials, train personnel, and evaluate the effectiveness of your plan.


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