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Pay People Right! Breakthrough Reward Strategies to Create Great Companies
by Patricia K. Zingheim and Jay R. Schuster
Jossey-Bass, January 2000

Pay People Right!To order, contact Jossey-Bass Publishers,, or Barnes & Noble
ISBN 0-7879-4016-X hardcover

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Not since the authors’ pioneering book The New Pay revolutionized total pay has there been a book that clearly describes the crucial link between a company’s reward solutions and its business goals. Now, as today’s companies push to improve their effectiveness and compete globally, Zingheim and Schuster reveal how total rewards provide a unique and practical advantage to those organizations with the foresight to pay people right.

Pay—including base pay, cash incentives, stock options, and recognition—can be a powerful and positive way to communicate and gain commitment to values, directions, and business priorities. Total rewards integrate total pay with a compelling future, individual growth, and a positive workplace to create a win-win partnership between the company and its workforce that enhances effectiveness and advances overall business objectives. Pay People Right! show readers how.

Based on the authors’ extensive consulting experience and research, this practical guide defines six essential principles for building integrated rewards that will help companies tackle their most critical business opportunities: attracting and retaining scarce talent, expanding globally, improving mergers and acquisitions, focusing sales professionals, developing teams, and aligning executive and workforce pay.

Pay People Right! builds a business case for improving existing rewards and gives companies readily usable tools for successfully implementing pay change. It also provides a host of examples of how companies, including many in the Fortune 500, use rewards to engage people and enhance performance.

Advanced praise for Pay People Right!

Edward E. Lawler III, Director, Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California, and author of From the Ground Up and Rewarding Excellence says—
"Zingheim and Schuster have done it again!! They have produced a second must read book on pay. Pay People Right! is full of useful information about how to create and manage pay systems that fit today’s organizations. More than just a "how to do it approach," it provides a business basis for the development of key pay strategies that can provide a competitive advantage."

Dave Ulrich, University of Michigan Professor, author of Human Resource Champions, and co-author of Results-Based Leadership says—
"Pay People Right! offers practical, forward thinking, and useful advice on how to design and deliver compensation systems to get results. The book has been invaluable to me in clarifying my thinking and is a must read for managers, HR professionals, consultants, and others who craft reward systems. I use it in teaching our executive program."

Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California and co-author of Co-Leaders says—
"Zingheim and Schuster have written a first-rate book on reward systems. It is reader-friendly, original and practical. What’s most impressive is how they demonstrate the effect of pay on mergers, team performance as well as performance measures in general plus providing some useful lessons on pay systems during times of hyper-turbulent change. If the lessons of this book are thoughtfully applied, improved organizational effectiveness will follow."

Jon R. Katzenbach, founder of Katzenbach Partners LLC, author of Teams at the Top, and coauthor of The Wisdom of Teams says—
"Pay People Right! is a must read for those who wrestle with the dynamic and critical challenge of using pay to help get better business results from the workforce. It provides practical solutions for achieving a balance between workforce fulfillment and performance. I particularly appreciated the chapter describing how to connect team outcomes with business results and rewards."

Jack Zenger, President, PROVANT Inc. and coauthor of Results-Based Leadership, Leading Teams, and Self-Directed Work Teams says—
"A thoroughly up-to-the-minute explanation of the best thinking on pay practices by two extraordinary, well-qualified experts. What could be of greater value? At last a readable book that provides answers to today’s trickiest pay issues."

John Case, executive editor of Harvard Management Update, author of Open-Book Management and The Open-Book Experience says—
"Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster show the key role of pay in companies that are ‘opening the books’ and encouraging their employees to think and act like businesspeople. Pay People Right! is an up-to-the-minute guide based on good values and great business sense."

Joseph H. Boyett and Jimmie T. Boyett, co-Authors of Beyond Workplace 2000 and The Guru Guide say—
"…[Pay People Right! shows] us how to integrate our reward systems fully with our business strategy in order to pay people for the true value they add…The chapter on rewarding scarce talent, alone, is worth ten times the price of the book…Zingheim and Schuster have produced an essential guidebook for CEOs, business owners, HR professionals, union leaders…"


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