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Recognition for SZA

Keystone Award Recipients

The Keystone Award is the highest award offered by our profession. WorldatWork, the world’s leading not-for-profit professional association dedicated to knowledge leadership in compensation, benefits and total rewards, granted Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster the 2006 Keystone Award. 

WorldatWork gives this award in recognition of sustained high levels of meaningful contribution to our profession. We received this award for many of the breakthrough contributions we have made in linking workforces to business goals to help create high-performance organizations. Specifically our pioneering work in making variable pay and incentives commonplace components of high performance and our development of total rewards have been singled out as significant contributions to our field and to the clients we serve.

Pat and Jay are the 18th and 19th recipients of the Keystone Award. Other recipients have included Frederic W. Cook, Graef S. “Bud” Crystal, Edward Ned Hay, Edward E. Lawler III, George T. Milkovich, and Dallas Salisbury. 

For more information:  

Read the May 8, 2006 press release (pdf) from WorldatWork

Read the article, “Zingheim, Schuster Bring Attention to Total Rewards (pdf) in workspan (May 2006), WorldatWork’s monthly magazine. 

Read the briefing from WorldatWork’s 2006 Total Rewards Conference Bulletin

Pat Zingheim accepting
Keystone Award

Jay Schuster accepting
Keystone Award
Anne Ruddy (WorldatWork
President and Board Member),
Mike Davis (WorldatWork
Board Chair), Maggie Gagliardi
(WorldatWork Board Vice
Chair), Pat, and Jay

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Guru Praise for SZA Consultants

The Guru GuideIn The Guru Guide: The Best Ideas of the Top Management Thinkers, by Joseph and Jimmie Boyett (Boyett & Associates), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., the top management thinkers were selected in categories ranging from "leadership" to "managing change." Jay Schuster and Pat Zingheim were selected as "motivation and pay gurus" based on criteria that included "...those who had written significant books or articles in the last five years." Joseph and Jimmie Boyett further said, "Why did we select Schuster and Zingheim as pay gurus? In our opinion, no two gurus better articulate the emerging consensus on pay policies and practices that are essential for the new knowledge-based, flexible, and federated organization." Dr. Boyett went on to say, "We believe their work is excellent and worthwhile."

Others included in the Guide are Ed Lawler, Warren Bennis, Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey, Gary Hamel, C.I. Prahalad, and Peter Senge.

The Guru Guide uses some of the material from The New Pay and the articles available to you on SZA's Website to suggest how your company can select and adopt practices that help better manage and motivate your workforce. The Boyetts' book is available directly from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. or through We would value hearing your views of this book. 


Schuster, Weatherhead, and Zingheim's Article Wins WorldatWork Journal Award

Co-author Paul Weatherhead (Pay Program Manager at USPS), Bob King (Editor, WorldatWork Journal and Contributing Editor, workspan), and Jean Christofferson (Senior Editor, WorldatWork Journal and Editor, workspan) with Jay and Pat after receiving Award for their WorldatWork Journal article “Pay For Performance Works: The United States Postal Service Presents a Powerful Business Case.”


"Pay For Performance Works: The United States Postal Service Presents a Powerful Business Case" published in WorldatWork Journal (First Quarter 2006) won an Honorable Mention award announced by Bob King, Editor of WorldatWork Journal, on May 8, 2007. The article also appears in our book, High-Performance Pay: Fast Forward to Business Success. Co-author Paul Weatherhead is Pay Program Manager at the USPS.

The USPS has reached an important milestone—10 years of a fully integrated and successful market-based and performance-driven pay strategy for 75,000 white-collar employees, ranging from supervisors to postmasters to executives and officers. The Postal Service pay-for-performance experience can serve as a role model not only for the federal government but also for state and local governments, nonprofits and private-sector companies. This paper presents proof that pay for performance works, and shows how the Postal Service experience stacks up with success criteria applicable to any organization wishing to take on the daunting task of paying people right.

Reference: WorldatWork Journal, First Quarter 2006, Volume 15, Number 1, pp 24-31.


Zingheim and Schuster’s Article Wins WorldatWork Journal Award

Jean Christofferson (workspan Editor) and Ryan Johnson (Executive Editor of workspan and WorldatWork Journal and Director of Information Development and Public Affairs) with Pat and Jay after receiving Award for their WorldatWork Journal article “Revisiting Effective Incentive Design”



"Revisiting Effective Incentive Design: Still the Major ROI Reward Opportunity" published in WorldatWork Journal (First Quarter 2005) won one of three top awards announced by Bob King, Editor of WorldatWork Journal, on May 7, 2006. The article also appears in our book, High-Performance Pay: Fast Forward to Business Success, and won Honorable Mention.

"Revisiting Effective Incentive Design" picks up where our book, The New Pay, left off on incentive design by suggesting incentives remain the best investment an organization can make in the move to high performance. The article charts a course for performance improvement whether the organization is experiencing poor performance, marginally acceptable performance, or even acceptable performance. It poses seven design principles that best practice suggests are the ingredients that provide the “accelerator pedal” to meaningful and lasting journeys to excellent business results.

Reference: WorldatWork Journal, First Quarter 2005, Volume 14, Number 1, pp 50-58.

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