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Sample SZA Speaking Topics

We are available as speakers and workshop leaders for your business and professional groups and for in-house orientation, training, and development seminars and workshops. Our consulting experiences, recent articles, and three books, High-Performance Pay: Fast Forward to Business Success, Pay People Right! Breakthrough Reward Strategies to Create Great Companies and The New Pay: Linking Employee and Organizational Performance provide subject matter of interest to people in your organization. We offer challenging and positive opportunities to learn and share experiences. Our presentations add value to your business by describing how total rewards, a business case for changing rewards, and effective reward design create a much more positive role for rewards.

We speak throughout the world as you can see from our client and speaking list. Click on this link for a list of Upcoming Speeches to see what may be of interest to you. SZA will customize speeches, seminars, workshops, and in-house training to match your business needs. Some of the "hot topics" we can develop include the following:

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How to Really Pay for Performance
Many companies say they pay for performance but few truly pay for performance and strongly differentiate pay and other rewards based on performance. This presentation:
— Tests the strength of your organization’s link between performance and pay.
— Shares workable ways companies enhance the linkage between performance and
— Shows how to more strongly differentiate base pay and variable pay based on
— Suggests how to engage managers, communicate the message of change to the
    workforce, and make it work.

Logo Bullet Designing Rewards to Support a High-Performance and High-Engagement Workforce
Not only do companies need to attract the necessary talent, they must also keep those they have. Total rewards are an important part of the solution and this presentation tells you why and how. It:
— Addresses "best practice" and "how to" solutions for aligning the workforce with
    your business in support of your business case for changing rewards.
— Describes building a reward strategy and a business case for changing rewards.
— Provides examples and case histories of companies that have used pay
    successfully as a major communicator of values and directions.
Logo Bullet Variable Pay and Business Results
Variable pay (cash incentives and stock options/equity) has become the "accelerator pedal" for aligning people with business goals. But storm clouds are rising where companies are finding they are not reaping the advantage they seek. This presentation:
— Provides guidance on how best to develop or "repair" existing variable pay
    solutions so they deliver expected results.
— Addresses alternatives, workable solutions, measure and goal selection, and mix
    of total compensation.
— Shows how variable pay fits in a contemporary total reward and total pay solution.
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Using Base Pay and Variable Pay Together Effectively
This presentation is valuable to organizations that are presently using variable pay and want to revitalize it, are exploring new ways to develop base pay, or are struggling with either skill, competency, or job-based solutions to base pay now in effect. It:
— Provides practical guidelines concerning the effective design and implementation
    of variable pay and base pay.
— Shows how to make your existing variable pay solution add value to the business
    and be accepted by the workforce.
— Addresses how to determine the mix of total cash compensation elements.
— Introduces base pay solutions that address the critical roles base pay must play
    in your company:
    1. Acknowledging skills and competencies 
    2. Rewarding consistent performance over time 
    3. Reflecting the labor market.

Logo Bullet How to Use Rewards to Attract and Engage “Superkeepers”
Superkeepers” are talent your organization cannot do because they use their business-critical competencies and skills to achieve business results. This presentation:
— Shares how to identify superkeepers who may be at many levels in your
— Shows ways to use reward elements to engage superkeepers.
— Provides a process for ensuring rewards for superkeepers are effectively managed.
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Measuring and Managing Performance
Powerful and effective performance measurement and feedback are essential to effective workforce management. This presentation:
— Reviews the most current trends in measuring and managing performance
    including cascading goals, balanced scorecards, and multisource feedback
— Suggests how your company can develop and implement straightforward
    performance management solutions that align the workforce with business goals
    and company values.
— Shares tips on how to engage the workforce and managers in an effective
    performance management process.
— Provides examples of managers giving feedback in difficult performance
    management situations.

Logo Bullet Management and Supervisory Rewards
How to reward managers and supervisors is a continuing challenge. Total rewards will increasingly play a role in making companies attractive to the best leadership teams. This presentation:
— Shows how your company can develop exciting leadership rewards that make a
    positive statement to your shareholders and workforce.
— Provides some answers about how you can best design leadership rewards to set
    a positive example for how everyone else in the enterprise is rewarded.
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How to Become a High-Performance Organization
Organizations must use more than just rewards to become high performance. This presentation:
— Defines high-performance organizations.
— Shows how organizational elements—one of which is rewards—work together to
    engage top-performing talent and create a high-performance organization.
— Provides practical ways to use total rewards to become a high-performance

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Executive Compensation in Not-for-Profit Organizations
This presentation:
— Shares trends in executive compensation for not-for-profit organizations.
— Provides information on IRS Intermediate Sanctions and its impact on executive
    compensation in not-for-profit organizations.
— Offers examples of effective executive compensation programs that are reasonable and reward performance.

Logo Bullet Total Rewards and Total Pay
This straightforward presentation:
— Shows why and how total rewards and total pay add value to your business.
— Provides six reward principles that can lead to effective total reward design.
— Shows how to make reward change a positive force for workforce alignment and
— Delivers an upbeat message on how best to design, communicate,
    and gain acceptance of rewards that make business sense.
Logo Bullet Ensuring High-Performance and High-Commitment Rewards for a Scarce-Talent Workforce
Face it, some types of talent are crucial to the success of your enterprise. Whether knowledge workers, people with the organization’s core competencies or leadership, providing an exciting and unique reward solution may be the best investment your enterprise makes. This interactive presentation:
— Shows talent-securing total reward strategies for critical key talent.
— Addresses how your company can focus on skills and performance while
    competing for scarce talent.
— Focuses on talent areas such as information technology, engineering, and Internet
    technology where companies need people and performance at the same time.
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Executive Compensation
Organizations need executives to lead the way to high performance. Development of strategic directions for the executive rewards program and tying this to key goals and objectives are central to organizational success. This presentation:
— Shares trends in executive compensation.
— Assists in development of executive compensation strategic direction.
— Identifies metrics that create value for all stakeholders.
— Discusses rewards that attract and retain the very best executive team.
— Develops executive rewards that serve as a role model for the entire organization.

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Managing Your Career as a Total Rewards Professional 
Our profession has a major opportunity to add value by increasing the effectiveness of one of your organization’s largest costs—pay and rewards. This presentation:
— Assesses your engagement level in the total rewards profession and your
— Shows how to get senior management’s attention about the importance of rewards
    and earn a seat at the organization’s strategy table.
— Suggests ways to enhance your career and job satisfaction.

Logo Bullet Rewarding the Salesforce
The field salesforce is often an enterprise’s primary contact with its customers. But is your sales reward and compensation solution delivering the goods for your business? This presentation:
— Provides guidance on how best to design a total reward and compensation
    solution for sales professionals that helps your company perform up to
— Addresses the new selling roles, sales teams, measures, and goals.
— Shows how best to design sales incentives that make the salesforce part of the
    overall company effort to succeed.
— Demonstrates how to tie how the salesforce is rewarded to how the rest of the
    workforce is rewarded to maximize business outcomes.
Logo Bullet Recognition and Celebration
People work for more than pay—they want a workplace that celebrates, congratulates, and recognizes them as important. This presentation:
— Is about going past the often trite "employee of the month" to make recognition
    and celebration the "overdrive" of total rewards and total pay.
— Shows how and when to recognize and celebrate, and how to make recognition
    and celebration an essential element of total rewards.
— Addresses how to match recognition and celebration to your company and
— Provides guidance about how to keep a recognition and celebration initiative alive
    and exciting over the long term.
Logo Bullet Developing Team Pay to Lead the Transition to Teams
How to design total rewards for teams is a challenge and an opportunity. Unless rewards support team performance, they will surely erode it. At some point, organizations that have moved to teams must address the issue of whether or not to reward team performance to reinforce team goals and objectives. This presentation:
— Provides solid information about how to develop workable and practical team pay
    whether you have real teams or are interested in forming an effective collaborative
— Addresses the issues that may have been keeping your organization from moving
    to team pay if you already have teams.
— Provides examples of team pay from high-performance companies in a wide range
    of situations and business opportunities.
Logo Bullet Skill and Competency Pay: Developing Practical Solutions to Add Value to Your Business
This presentation:
— Offers examples of skill and competency pay plans that were implemented
    effectively and promptly as part of major organizational initiatives.
— Provides learnings from best practice and examples of what works and what may
    not work for your company and why.
Logo Bullet SZA "Hot Topics" of Current Interest
We customize presentations, workshops, and seminars on leading-edge topics. This permits us to address a wide range of current topics from executive compensation to scarce talent rewards to new variable pay and base pay approaches and to effective design of performance measurement and management. We constantly update our presentation and seminar topics to keep them current.

If you want something more or different, we would like to discuss this with you. Please call us at 310-471-4865 or contact us through this Web site or e-mail us at


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